In an era defined by global mobility, people are increasingly finding themselves engaged in professional pursuits that transcend international borders. In this dynamic landscape, questions of tax implications and regulatory compliance become paramount. This blog addresses the queries of a non-UK resident client, shedding light on the nuances of operating private UK limited companies, continuing employment and receiving dividend income.

Operating UK limited companies as a non-UK resident

In this blog, we will examine the case of a client who is a non-UK resident director of private UK limited companies and is seeking to continue his operations from abroad. Importantly, from a UK tax perspective, there is no inherent impediment to a non-UK resident director managing UK limited companies remotely. However, the client is advised to seek specialist advice to evaluate potential tax implications in their country of residence.

Employment by UK limited companies as a non-UK resident

Tax on UK earnings

The tax treatment of the individual’s earnings hinges on their non-UK residence status under the Statutory Residence Test (SRT). Earnings related to duties performed in the UK incur taxation and applying for a No Tax (NT) PAYE code from HMRC may be necessary if no UK duties are anticipated. This is due to the absence of earnings falling under the purview of the PAYE regulations.

Application for direction under s 690 ITEPA 2003

In scenarios where the individual is required to perform certain employment duties in the UK, an application to HMRC for a direction under s 690, ITEPA 2003 could be a prudent step. This enables the employer to withhold PAYE taxes based on the estimated percentage of earnings tied to the individual’s expected UK duties.

International obligations

Recognising and adhering to international tax, social security, payroll and employment law obligations in the director’s country of residence is imperative and requires professional guidance.

Receiving dividend income as a non-UK resident

Year of full non-UK residence

In a full year of non-UK residence, dividend income can be treated as ‘disregarded income.’ This unique status limits any UK tax liability to specific criteria outlined by HMRC, with a non-repayable tax credit accompanying dividend payments.

Tax credits and double taxation agreements

Understanding the tax credit attached to dividend payments and navigating the landscape of double taxation agreements is crucial. Anti-avoidance rules may apply to long-term UK residents transitioning to non-UK residency so ensure you get expert advice. AF Tax Solutions can help you with this complex tax situation.


Navigating the intricate web of regulations associated with operating UK companies, employment and receiving dividends as a non-UK resident demands a nuanced understanding of both UK and international tax frameworks. If you find yourself in this situation you should seek specialist advice to ensure you are tax compliant and optimising your financial strategies in the evolving terrain of global business dynamics. As borders blur, the ability to navigate and leverage these complexities becomes a key determinant of success in the international professional landscape.

Why choose us?

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