Specialist Tax Services.

We work closely with several Accountancy firms, Solicitors, and Financial Advisors throughout the UK acting as a tax consultants and are available for specialist tax advisory services now.

We welcome enquiries from other accountants and fellow professionals to act as a sounding board and for consultation and are willing to attend meetings as necessary.

Services we provide include:

  • Exit planning for Entrepreneurs
  • Assistance with complex capital gains tax issues (PPR, Entrepreneurs Relief)
  • Advice on complex Residency and Domicile issues including remittance basis elections, treatment of mixed funds, split year treatment, Double Tax Agreements.
  • Setting up EMI share schemes
  • Reserach & Development claims
  • Assitance with Tax Enquiries (including COP9)
  • Assitance with Capital Allowances claims
  • Status Enquiries (IR35)
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